VITHRA is based on powerless passive sensors, invisibles and indestructables, which can be applied almost  anywhere;  from  concrete   walls   and   floors   to  asphalt  surfaces  and  soil,  from  fences  to scaffolds and load-bearing metal  structures,  from  roofs to statues,  including  surrounding  walls,  nets  and rigid fences.

The sensors can also be customized, installed on flexible material (silicone, fitted carpet, felt, rubber, etc.) or aluminum carpets, creating sensitive surfaces of any shape and size, to be placed inside walls and floors, even in difficult conditions, such as under  the  roof  tiles  or  on already completed masonry works.

Requests for very complex and fully customized applications can be evaluated.

The sensor is passive, shielded  from  magnetic  fields  and electrostatic discharges, and has no electronic or mechanical elements. It’s powerless, not subject to any kind of wear and guaranteed for 20 years.


The signals collected by the sensors are evaluated by  the  analysis unit  that  filters  them,  excluding  those  of  occasional, environmental and accidental nature, generated by vegetation or particular climatic events, thus avoiding false alarms.

In fact, the system provides a specific sensor calibration for a calibrated adaptation to each context, such as high traffic areas or vicinity to industrial production plants, in order to adapt to any condition.

A dedicated software, also used to program the analysis units, monitors and stores in real time all the signals captured by the sensors, the analysis of which is necessary to obtain a  reliable  system that avoids sending inappropriate alarm or sabotage information to the security system management control unit.

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